1. Here’s some of the education work I did for Oxford University Press, turned into a cute animated song! I remember illustrating the characters, and it’s pretty neat seeing them come to life! There are a bunch of these songs, see if you can spot the rest I did on OUP’s YouTube channel:

    everybody-up illustrated animation Watch my illustrations come to life! Click to go to YouTube to see the video

    They even had a sing-along competition for the whole series! The kids are so cute. I hope that the illustrations helped learning English fun for them! It makes me happy to see them having fun singing the songs.

  2. Watercolor painting, from Leonard’s FW collection. I just like the patterns on the clothes. And again, I ran out of paper so her legs got cut off.leonard fashion illustration, charlene chua toronto

  3. Sketch of a neat coat from Missioni. Didn’t quite do it justice, but the real pattern is pretty. She is a bit short because I ran out of paper….missoni sketch fashion illustration

  4. More sketches from life drawing in Hamilton, at El Camino Studio.

    The female was done some weeks ago, the male was this week. I think I tried to cut down on the outlines and focus on getting shades this week. Personally I prefer my lines, but I suppose I should get used to working with tone more.

    life drawing hamilton ontario life life drawing hamilton ontario DSC_0088 DSC_0090 life drawing hamilton ontario life drawing hamilton ontario

  5. Started to paint recently. Been hoping to do a picture book about my cats, and I feel that it would look better with traditional. Or, at least, I figure doing it with real paint will help establish the look if I eventually choose to do it digitally.

    I am a bad painter, so hopefully these will get better with time and practice.

    watercolor illustration of a cartoon bird watercolor and gouache uno uno-teken-test

  6. I was showing some of my older work to my intern recently, and came across a piece I did years ago for Maxim Singapore.

    I enjoyed working on this piece and I really liked how it came out. Over the years it fell out of my portfolio because I was told that it didn’t match the rest of the stuff I did.

    Lately though, I think my work is going back to focusing on shape and color, and less on tone. And so, I just had fun tweaking the original art to remake it for something I think looks kinda neat for 2014.


    illustration of myths and monsters, vector, charlene chua

    Here’s the original spread. Never liked the dude on the right so I just removed him. I never get spread illustrations anymore :( – They are fun to work on. Well sometimes anyway. I would like more fun editorial stuff like this. Illustration gods hear me and answer my (half-baked) prayers!


  7. Just a doodle before bed. Shows what I remember of Bayonetta.

    bayonetta sketch illustration

  8. Did these some time ago but forgot to scan them. Just some sketches done in bed, where I really shouldn’t sketch since it hurts to sit in bed and sketch.fashion illustration sketch charlene chua toronto fashion illustration sketch charlene chua toronto fashion illustration sketch charlene chua toronto

  9. Sketch of a moose-girl.. maybe? There was some angel thing on top but it seemed kinda too much so I didn’t bother to ink it.


  10. illustration of canadian animals havign bbq

    Happy Canada Day! For you guys who are in Ontario and Quebec, hope the weather doesn’t ruin your BBQ and fireworks plans!

    Also, hope you’re not like these critters… story in my head is that they forgot the fuel. Though being in a forest, I guess it’s not so bad once the beaver figures it out.